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Camera Action, Lets Perform

We asked Georgia, what makes a successful sale person, in her opinion.?

Georgia, well for me, sales is a performance, with every performance there's an act and every act has a scene.

Can you explain?

Georgia, of course. Image every customer is different and no one visit is the same, no one pitch is the same. We often need to get into character for each performance/ meeting. There isn't a one fits all, understanding the potential the decision maker is really important.

What advise would you offer to help trainee sale people?

Georgia, be you, be honest, be prepared, be professional , be clear and always remember, supporting a customer and your partnership, is what makes success. To achieve the potential growth your customer can achieve, they will always require your support, knowledge, dedication and experience. Always set your goals, be ambitious and never let anyone tell you, its not possible!!!.

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