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EN ISO 21420:2020


Each glove carries the manufacturers logo, the reference, the size and CE mark if it is classed in category I. The number of the notified body that carried out the tests also appear on the glove.



  • Glove length: distance between wrist and the tip of the middle finger

  • New ruler

  • No size requirement

Dexterity (1-5)

  • Defined by the smallest diameter of pin

  • Should be lifted up at least 5s

  • The higher the rating, the greater the dexterity

Innocuousness (pH)

  • All gloves are checked for compliance in terms of their pH value (between 3.5 and 9.5)

  • All matereials of different colours shall be tested


Chromium VI

  • All leather gloves ae checked for compliance in terms of their Chromium VI (shall be < 3 ppm)


Clarification on innocuousness

  • Inclusion DMFo* (essentially for PU gloves)

  • Clarification for aromatic amines (AZO)

  • Inclusion PAH

  • Clarification for Nickel

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