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ASTM F2675/F2675M:2019

X cal/cm²

Standard test method for determining arc ratings of hand protective products developed and used for electrical arc flash protection. 



This test method is used to determine the arc rating of hand protective products in the form of gloves, glove materials, glove material systems, or other protective products designed to fit on the hand and specifically intended for electric arc flash protection use, as protective accessories for workers exposed to electric arcs. The arc rating is determined in the test was an arc that has a heatflux value of 2100 kW/m² (50 cal/cm²/s). 


This is test method will determine the arc rating of hand protective products made materials that meet the following requirements for flame resistance: less than 150 mm (6 in.) char length, less than 2s after flame, and no melt and drip when tested in accordance with Test Method D6413, receive a reported 50% probability of ignition of a material of flammable underlayer (see definition of ignition 50) by this method, or that have been evaluated and passed the ignition withstand requirements of this test method.


It is the intent of this test method to be used for hand protective products that are flame resistant or that have an adequate flame resistance for the required hazard. Non-flame resistant hand protective products may be used as underlayers in multiple-layer systems, or tested for ignition probability or ignition withstand. 


This test method is designed to provide information for gloves used for electric arc protection only.

NOTE: Arc Flash PPE category according to standard NFPA70E Edition 2018 Table 130.7 (C) (16) – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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